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what do our customers say about op2?

Who better to hear from about how op2 can benefit a title and settlement operation than your peers, other industry professionals and our customers? 

Castle Title

"op2 is invaluable to me. My only regret is not switching years ago. It took almost losing all of my data – which would have cost me, my company and my staff everything – to realize that businesses can’t afford to build a server environment that matches the safety and security of op2. With op2, I have the reliability of RamQuest – the team and the solution – hosted on a network of unprecedented reliability and sophistication."

  • David Kramer - President/CEO

Affirmative Escrow

"I would not want to do business without op2 – it’s invaluable to our operation and I can’t imagine escrow without it. We made the move to op2 and there has been no looking back. It was a seamless transaction and we never skipped a beat. Moving to op2 will be one of them best decisions you’ll ever make for your business. Just do it!”

  • Brynne DesMarteau-Ray - General Manager