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how is op2 different?

op2 acts as your RamQuest administrator...

op2 is the only underwriter-grade, hosted, private, secure and compliant cloud solution in the title and settlement industry that features the complete RamQuest software suite.

As an op2 customer, you have the full functionality and benefits of a RamQuest title and settlement production solution, but without the high cost of "in-house" IT equipment and personnel. op2 hosts RamQuest's enterprise and SaaS title production solutions remotely so you don't have to run them on your own servers. And with op2 you have a "virtual office." By harnessing the power of Citrix, op2 gives you access to your RamQuest software from anywhere that you have internet access.

op2 also offers the convenience of hosting your Microsoft Office Suite, including Outlook (with encryption).This allows for full drag and drop functionality as well as the ability to send email (encrypted or not) directly from a file inside of your RamQuest solution and with op2 you also have the advantage of:

  • Email based inbound electronic fax accounts delivered to public folders
  • Email based outbound electronic fax accounts delivered from individuals
  • Shared Calendars
  • Public Folders
  • Email encryption
  • Option for delivery of email to your smart phone
  • Availability of additional email archiving service through MessageLabs

Best of all, op2 acts as your RamQuest administrator, eliminating the overhead associated with having someone administer your RamQuest software. You get support from desktop to production...simply call your on-demand, op2 IT team, and we make the changes you need, usually within one business day.


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