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is op2 for me?

op2 makes everything simple...

The op2 environment is a private cloud, owned by a national underwriter. Under the CFPB requirements, lenders are responsible for compliance - starting with title and settlement providers and extending all the way to selected service and hosting providers. Lenders demand the security and responsibility that only a private cloud, wholly owned and backed by a national underwriter, offers.

With the op2 hosted solution, you lease your licenses instead of owning them. There are no upfront licensing fees and no annual renewal fees and you can add or remove licenses as needed, with no penalty.

With op2, all you need is a laptop or desktop computer and an internet connection - that's right, access your production solution anytime, from anywhere. Now you can enjoy the convenience of a virtual office while significantly reducing IT overhead because you no longer have to maintain a physical network. And, acting as your RamQuest software administrator, op2 will test and install all software upgrades and patches for you, taking away the hassle of system administration.

Additionally, RamQuest's SaaS title and settlement production solution, Horizon, can be accessed through the op2 environment along with other websites, hosted applications, and files. Access through op2 provides additional security for all applications along with the SaaS benefits for title production. This combines both SaaS and cloud hosting to provide availability, security, cost savings on local infrastructure and administration and applies best practices to support the needs of the business. Learn more about RamQuest's Horizon and the benefits of a SaaS solution here.



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